5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 1 – Remembering the Meaning

5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 1 – Remembering the Meaning

Welcome to the 5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever Series! Each day for the next 5 days, I will present a simple discussion prompt designed to help you and your family think about why you celebrate Christmas, learn what’s most important to you, and help you focus on what matters most:

Today, we’re going back to the basics. I know this might seem like an obvious question but it’s the most important one:

What does Christmas mean to you and your family?

5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 1 - Remembering the Meaning

Sometimes in all the hustle and bustle of Christmastime, we forget what we are celebrating in the first place. As you prepare for this holiday season, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on why you’re celebrating.

Are you celebrating the gift of Jesus?

Is it all about family togetherness?

The spirit of giving?

Peace and goodwill?

Or is it just something you’ve always done?

If you have never taken the time to consider why Christmas is a part of your life, there’s no better time than the present.

Our family celebrates Christmas because God’s gift of sending his son Jesus to earth is one of the most important things to ever happen to us. It is the best reason to be joyful! Without Jesus’ arrival, we could never have the hope that comes from his death and resurrection. So, for us, it’s important that we not let the distractions of gift-giving, planning family celebrations, participating in seasonal parties/outings, etc., cause us to forget what we’re celebrating.

No matter your reasons, reflect on the meaning of the season for you: Why do you celebrate? What exactly are you celebrating?

These questions are great dinnertime conversation starters. Talking about this can help keep you focused on what’s important to you and your family as you celebrate this special time of year. And don’t forget to ask your kids what it means to them. Their answers may surprise you!

While I was writing this post, I asked my son these questions and he said. “It’s a very special day when Jesus was born. It’s the day that Jesus’ star came up. And I’m thankful for Christmas songs. The whole point of Christmas is to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.”

I have to admit I’m surprised that getting presents wasn’t mentioned! But I’m so glad to know that what we’ve been teaching him about Christmas has really sunk in.

Now it’s your turn.

I would love to hear why you celebrate this time of year and what your kids had to say when you asked them! Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 1 – Remembering the Meaning”

  • We celebrate Christmas for the same reasons you do, to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful our loving Father in Heaven gave us His Son to redeem us. We try to remember and celebrate Jesus all year long, but at Christmas we focus on His prophetic and long-awaited birth and the events at that time.

    • Haha! I caught it before I even saw your follow-up comment. Autocorrect has been failing me a lot lately…I knew what you meant! 🙂

      I love this time of year! <3

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