Simple Spanish Curriculum That Will Make Your Kids Want to Learn

Simple Spanish Curriculum That Will Make Your Kids Want to Learn

Please note: I received access to Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® for free in exchange for the following review. My opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review.

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I have always loved foreign languages. I took French in both middle and high school and Spanish in college. I always dreamed of studying abroad. I knew that being immersed in the language I was studying would catapult me into the coveted land of fluency.

Though my dream of studying abroad never became a reality, I still maintain my love of foreign language and have always considered the subject high on my homeschool priority list.

Simple Spanish Curriculum That Will Make Your Kids Want to Learn

I think early exposure to other languages is really important because kids’ developing brains are fertile ground for language acquisition. In fact, some say kids can more easily acquire new languages during the Critical Period (which is before puberty hits.) After that milestone, language learning becomes more difficult, though obviously not impossible. (You can learn more about the Critical Period hypothesis here.)

Because of that, I want to make sure I give them the best start possible on their foreign language-learning journey.

Homeschooling with a Spanish Curriculum

Even though French was my favorite language to learn, Spanish is a more practical choice for our homeschool. Especially since it is spoken all around us here in South Texas.

I think learning via immersion is perfect for kids; however, finding an easy-to-use, immersion-based Spanish curriculum can be challenging.

After looking at a number of different options, I was so excited when I found Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®!

What makes this Spanish curriculum so great?

1. It’s online and on-demand.

It’s easy to access and all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection. (You can also buy all the lessons on DVD if you want to have hard copies.)

2. It appeals to a wide variety of learning styles and is easily customized to your learning environment.

The videos in each lesson contain all the material that is being covered.

However, there is also an amazing collection of supplemental materials both online (interactive worksheets and quizzes) and in hard-copy (stickers, games, flashcards, and workbooks, plus complete, no-hassle lesson plans, and more.)

Simple Spanish Curriculum That Will Make Your Kids Want to Learn
Our printed version of the Level 1 Workbook

You can pick and choose how much you want to do. You can just watch the videos or you can use the videos with the supplemental resources.

The supplements can be purchased separately or in pre-packaged sets (super sets that include all materials, an early learners set, and even single level sets.) You can even get a plush Pequeña (one of the featured family pets.)

3. It’s self-paced.

The program is designed to move at your child’s pace. Once your child can say at least 90% of the Spanish words in the Rapid Review video, they are ready to move on to the next level. Until then, you just keep watching that level’s lessons. Your child won’t get bored because they will understand more with each viewing.

Something I didn’t expect was how excited my son was to “graduate” to Level Two. He had an enormous sense of accomplishment and was so proud to sign his name to his completion certificate.

Simple Spanish Curriculum That Will Make Your Kids Want to Learn
Ace signing his certificate…with Pequeña looking on

4. It’s an immersion-based program.

During the video storyline scenes, no English is spoken and no spoken translations are given.

When a new concept or term is introduced, they accompany it with an action-based demonstration. My favorite was the “Me gusta/No me gusta” (I like/I do not like) illustration in which a young girl blind taste-tests pizza slices. One of the slices is burnt to a crisp and there’s no doubt what she means when she says “No me gusta!” Yuck!

5. It fits perfectly with unit studies.

Throughout the program you travel to different Spanish-speaking places throughout the world.

This gives you and your child an excellent opportunity to study geography, culture, food, social studies, history, science, and more.

The supplemental materials (both online and in-print) give you more information and activities on each location and provide a jumping-off point for these explorations. But you could choose to study these topics in any way and with any resource that suits your needs (like my free lesson plan template for creating animal unit studies.)

6. It is based on real-life use of language and not on rote memorization of words.

A few hours after we watched the first level, we actually ended up interspersing the words Ace had just learned into our English conversation. We then made it a game to use as many of the words as possible and it really was a lot of fun.

A few weeks later at the park, he played with a Spanish-speaking family and enjoyed sharing the words he knew with them.

What he learned was instantly accessible to him and something he wanted to use right away.

7. It features kids of all ages.

This may not sound like a big deal because most foreign language programs for kids include kids in some way.

But these videos are different. Kids aren’t just in the videos.

The kids are doing all (or almost all) of the talking and teaching as each scene is acted out. If an adult is needed for the scene, they play as limited a role as possible.

That is what makes this curriculum stand out to me.

No one understands kids like other kids. Have you ever encountered a kid you couldn’t understand but your own child knew exactly what they were saying? It happens with siblings all the time. In fact, many say that younger siblings pick things up quicker because they have their older siblings as models.

Having a program that is not only for kids but by kids makes it so much more engaging and relatable for my son.

He feels confident in his ability to learn and speak Spanish because he is watching other kids demonstrate their knowledge and ability. Hearing it from kids keeps it from feeling like a lesson, lecture, or chore.

8. It uses kid-approved humor.

Ace is giggling and laughing through each episode. This makes it fun and enjoyable for him.

Simple Spanish Curriculum That Will Make Your Kids Want to Learn
Ace laughing along to a funny scene

Which leads to the best part of this curriculum…

9. It is something my son WANTS to do.

He ASKS to do his Spanish lessons.

He wants to go through the videos and quizzes.

There are no fights, no struggles, no tears, and no whining!

I don’t think I can give it a higher recommendation than that!

Try Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids out for yourself!

Learn more about them or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Vimeo.

They offer a free 2-day trial of their online program and, for a limited time, they are offering 20% off any order when you use the coupon code 20OFFFORYOU at checkout! This discount is only valid through April 30, 2018.

Enter to Win!

What about you? Do you teach foreign language in your homeschool? What do you do?

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