The Importance of “Me” Time

The Importance of “Me” Time

The other day, I had a rare moment of silence. Magically, Ace’s quiet time and Dash’s nap coincided! Somehow I was blessed with a few, very precious, quiet moments to myself.

What would I do with my newfound freedom? After all, having some time to myself hardly ever happens to me anymore. While the idea of napping was tempting, I realized I had the opportunity to catch up on the Mt. Everest-sized pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen. And if I was very lucky, I would even be able to prep for cooking an actual meal and not just give everyone a bowl of cereal for dinner like I had done the previous night. So I tackled those dishes.

I found, as I worked, that this rare moment of time to myself made a task I hate so very much (dishes) seem almost pleasant. It gave me time to ponder and reflect. And also to think about NOTHING. To bask in the solitude of the quiet of my mind and not have anyone whining or crying or asking me for something or doing something requiring immediate discipline. It was glorious. I really enjoyed that moment of nothing. The house was peaceful and quiet. I realized how wonderful doing dishes actually could be. Or perhaps it wasn’t as much about doing dishes specifically as it was accomplishing something uninterrupted.

Of course, that moment didn’t last forever. But it taught me to cherish those moments to myself and realize how important some “me” time really is. I end up giving so much of myself in any given day to my family that I rarely have anything left for myself. It’s not selfish to steal a few moments to regroup. Whether I use them to make a rare, unaccompanied, and uninterrupted trip to the bathroom or watch something on TV, I need that time. It replenishes my energy and patience stores, something that I need every minute of my waking hours. And that helps me be the wife, Mom, and homeschool teacher that my family needs me to be.

How do you feel about getting time to yourself? And when you do get it, how do you choose to spend it?


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