Our Top 5 Favorite YouTube Exercise Videos for Kids

I’m pretty sure y’all know the feeling. For whatever reason, you can’t take your kids outside to play and they are just bouncing off the walls (and driving you insane.) You know they need to get some energy out but you feel stuck.

Top 5 Favorite YouTube Exercise Videos for Kids

I have been in that position countless times and one day it dawned on me…check YouTube for some sort of video to get Ace moving! I wasn’t thinking about a specific exercise program…just anything to help him get that energy out and give me a break!

As a result, here is a list of our top 5 favorite energy-busting videos straight from our YouTube playlist. You don’t need any special equipment…just a way to watch YouTube and enough open space on the floor to accommodate the activity.

  1. Fit Factor Kids Exercise – This video is short and simple but it’s definitely Ace’s favorite. I think he likes pretending to be all the different animals and we could probably watch this multiple times in a row.
  2. Kids 20 Minute Workout – The Last Jump – 20 Online – This video is more of an actual workout than play. The adult leader (a certified fitness instructor) is obviously getting a good cardio workout too!
  3. Fitness Blender Kids Workout – 25 Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home – I like this video because there are three different age groups participating which makes it easier to interest and include all your kids (even the littles.)
  4. Five Minute Exercise Video For Kids! – This is another short and simple one but it works wonders. Ace enjoys watching the other kids do the exercises while laughing and having a good time.
  5. Brain Breaks – Action Songs for Children – Move and Freeze – Kids – This children’s song incorporates a bunch of silly movements with periods of stillness as kids are challenged to move and then freeze. Perfect for those times when your kids need a quick break from schoolwork or are in a silly mood.

As a bonus, I’m going to throw a video in here that I hope to add to our list soon: Kids 20 Minute Workout – Playful Poses – 20 Online. This is a great cool down or warm up and features yoga-type poses and stretches.

I hope you enjoyed our little list and that it comes in handy the next time your kids need to get some energy out indoors.

Do you have any go-to videos or activities when your kids are bouncing off the walls? Please do share them in the comments!!!

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