5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 3 – Things that Steal Your Joy

5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 3 – Things that Steal Your Joy

The Christmas season is full of hustle and bustle. Between decorating your home, meal and party planning, gift giving, and travel, it’s easy to lose your joy amidst the busyness. Today, let’s talk about those things that steal your joy.

I don’t enjoy sending Christmas cards. And every year I have to fight the urge not to do it simply out of guilt. I always think to myself, “I should send them out.” But, really, should I?

Do I really have to send out Christmas cards in order to celebrate the season? For me, the answer is no. Especially since it steals my joy and takes time away from doing the things with my family that I really love to do.

5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 3 - Things that Steal Your Joy

We also choose not to make-believe about Santa in our home. This is a much less popular and culturally acceptable tradition to eliminate but it is the right choice for us.

As a child, when I found out that Santa was just a make-believe ruse put on by my parents, I was crushed. It really ruined my Christmas excitement for many years after.

As I got older, I realized that focusing on Santa took my focus off Jesus, which is the real reason I celebrate. It was all just a big distraction and I didn’t want my children to have to struggle with the same issue. My husband was on board with this idea so we decided to forgo this particular tradition.

Our children know about Santa (both the make-believe man and the stories of Saint Nicholas) but do not believe he brings children presents on Christmas Eve. However, I am clear with them that other children DO believe and there is nothing wrong with that. And we are careful to remind them that it is never our place to spoil that belief for others.

I have found that not participating in the Santa tradition has worked out so well for us! Ace still gets excited about his presents and the joy of the season. In fact, Christmas is his favorite time of year. We really lack for nothing and, in fact, it has helped us maintain our focus on the meaning of the season for us.

I’m not suggesting that your family should stop believing in Santa! But what I am saying is that sometimes the things that steal our joy can seem so innocent and even be traditional mainstays. Don’t be afraid to step away from them or make changes if that tradition or activity is actually bringing you down.

Take a hard look at your schedule this holiday season.

Is there something that you are doing that completely takes out the joy for you? What about the rest of your family?

Is there something you could, and perhaps should, eliminate? It could be a brand-new event or activity or it could be something you have done for years. It doesn’t matter.

Try eliminating these items this year and see what happens. Did you miss them? Or did you find yourself filled with relief at their absence?

Remember, it’s okay to say no! Especially if it is something that steals your joy.

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2 thoughts on “5 Days to Your Best Christmas Ever, Day 3 – Things that Steal Your Joy”

  • I’ve heard of other families who do not do Santa and it’s admirable that you do what is best for your family. ? My husband and I have always looked at Santa as a way to unselfishly give to our children and as each child learned the way he works, they’ve become Santa’s helper. Another tradition we enjoy is playing Secret Santa to a less fortunate family. This has always brought our family immense joy. As for joy stealers, I love to give out Christmas cards, but some years I’ve had to settle with e-cards and for some reason I feel guilty over it not being an actual card! I think my joy stealer is trying to fit too much in some years.

    • I think we are all guilty of trying to fit too much in. Christmas is such a fun time and we just want to do all the things! I know I do at least. That’s an awesome idea to have bring your kids into the Santa tradition for their younger siblings. I like that a lot.

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